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About Us

It stands to reason that people are trading Bitcoin left and right. You hear about ordinary people becoming billionaires and millionaires overnight, and you wonder if it’s possible or an attainable goal. Of course, these people often take a significant chance, and most people aren’t going to have similar experiences because they are careful with money.

Still, you know that trading is in your future, and you want to try it for yourself. You start researching online and quickly realize that it is tough to break into without the right tools. Now, you begin searching for the elusive software that is going to get you where you want to be (on a yacht with your family or special someone!)

Whatever your dreams may be, they are attainable, and it can happen much faster than you might imagine. However, you do need the right software, and Bitcoin Rejoin is here to help.

How Did It All Start?

You’re reading this because you want to know how I started Bitcoin Rejoin. Actually, the story is a bit boring, I think.

I was your average run-of-the-mill salesperson. All I knew was my product line and the sales process. One day, a gentleman came in, looking way too luxurious to be in the shop. Still, I walked over with my friendliest ‘can I help you’ look on my face. He grinned at me and asked me the strangest question: Do you ever want to do more? I’d never been asked that before, and I gave it some thought.

Finally, I said, I do. Everyone wants to do more than they currently do, but when does it end? This gentleman, named Joe, said, “What if you could always have more?” I said it wasn’t possible. There was always a cap.

This back-and-forth finally ended with him giving me his phone number and saying the words that I am going to remember for the rest of my life: “Call me when you’re ready to go farther in life than ever before.”

Well, I was intrigued, of course. I knew nothing at this point, and couldn’t wait for my shift to end so I could go home, get comfortable, and call.

Joe explained that he had an algorithm and wanted to create software and an amazing website where tons of people could join, trading Bitcoin and enjoying each other’s company. Of course, I laughed. What else could I do? I’ve heard of those websites, and they always seemed spammy to me, and I just couldn’t see quitting my job for this. Plus, I knew nothing about websites or software, so why me?

He said that he had everything set up and needed a bit of capital. Well, remember, I’m a salesperson, so there’s no way I have any amount of money like that. Still, I was intrigued, and I knew I could get it.

Worrying that I was making a huge mistake, I agreed, as long as I could keep my job.

Three months later, I quit to work with Joe full-time, and Bitcoin Rejoin was born. It’s an amazing piece of work. Instead of just one algorithm, which he already had, we came up with four different ones. Now, regardless of your strategy or methods, you can pick something that is going to make you money.

With our first test run of the site, I made $300 in profit. No, it’s not a lot, but I was amazed that any trading bot could actually work. I was sold. Of course, we had to create the site, figure out how to get people to join, and all the rest. Now, however, we’ve got hundreds upon thousands of members and want to help you achieve your goals of wealth and success.