About us

Our Bitcoin Rejoin team is made up of professionals with varied experiences in the bitcoin phenomenon. We’re always looking for the next big thing in cryptocurrency. Yes, there have already been great developments and increased popularity in the field, but we believe there are many surprises to prepare for on the horizon.

About Our Software

We believe even individuals with the least experience in bitcoin can do well in the market. We started with a goal to develop a platform that bridged the knowledge gap, allowing every entrepreneur the chance to catch the brass ring.

With that design in mind, we aimed to create a platform that equally serviced the beginner, intermediate and expert user alike. Using a feasible and unique approach to data analytics, we created the finest solution in CFD trading.

We took automation, matched it with data-driven analytics and ease-of-use to come up with a solution that benefited all levels of investor. You can let the solution manage parameters until you’ve learned the ropes or take your expertise and customize them. But you’ll never have to figure out how the market’s trending or how it’ll impact your trades. (We say this only because this is how we designed the software, but we strongly advise you know this criteria as it only helps your strategies.) Our algorithm puts it all together with the software auto opening and closing investments on your behalf. Our platform creates a seamless operation for everyone wanting to trade cryptocurrency online.

Based on the reactions to the platform’s performance, we’re happy to say we achieved all our goals. The team brought something successful and different to the trading table. Even now we still work to improve the platform. We never rest on our laurels. The platform can always be better.